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Why every HERVÉ Creation is entirely Unique

Did you know that every single HERVÉ by Céline Marie creation is entirely unique? Whether purchased through the online boutique or through one of the stockists, every creation carries an entirely unique lace pattern, making each garment unique in its own.

Conventional lingerie is by default symmetric in its lace placement, from the position of the scalloped edge to using mirrored lace patterns right and left. By nature, my eyes have always been drawn towards more organic and natural shapes and outlines. As in nature, nothing is identical, and I simply love to observe how greenery takes over our manmade world, whether its the way the ivy plant hugs a facade or the surface pattern of a deteriorated building.

Allowing myself the total freedom of placing my lace appliqué in an irregular way enables me to truly work with the female form and adapt each design to the female curves and each size. But not only do my creations differentiate themselves by their asymmetric placement, each replica of the same size is adorned with a slightly different placement. Whereas the overall look and feel remains the same, each individual flower and pattern configuration will have slight differences to create true one of a kind garments.

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