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Fascinated by the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies, Céline Marie is a French-German lingerie designer, specialized in intimate apparel, structured corsetry and stage wear. With the great passion for launching her own bespoke lingerie brand HERVÉ, she graduated at London College of Fashion with a first class honours degree in fashion contour and worked for renown designers such as Iris van Herpen, Julien MacDonald and Christian Cowan-Sanluis. Through her interdisciplinary approach, exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious yet experimental material choice, HERVÉ BY CÉLINE MARIE elevates lingerie to haute couture standards.


HERVÉ  is an interdisciplinary couture lingerie brand merging 3d technology, laser cutting and traditional handcrafting techniques. Our mission is to design lingerie worn to be seen for all women. Through our interdisciplinary approach and made to measure focus, we aim to re-establish womens’ confidence and empower their uniqueness. What deeply guided the direction of HERVÉ was the wonderful moment of empowerment experienced by an inspirational friend, warrior mum and breast cancer survivor. Our mission is to share what she was able to experience: a deeply emotional connection with her inner self, simply through putting on a beautifully handcrafted set of lingerie. The brand highly values an ethical material choice and production cycle. Sustainably sourced textiles from certified local suppliers and in-house manufacturing build the foundation of each collection, re-defining luxury as ethical awareness.

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The traditional French name of Breton origin Hervé  derived from the designers French roots, her mothers maiden name. It symbolises her personal continuation of her family heritage and deeply embedded interest in the French Savoir-Faire, inspired by her mothers creative expression and crafts-driven design approach. The names’ history reveals that Hervé symbolises strength and fierceness. It is known to be the equivalent for warrior which refers back to the very essence of the brand, empowering the uniqueness and inner strength of women.


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