Our lingerie plays on the idea of creating an optical illusion through using our ultra sheer and delicate mesh to create a "barely there" effect against your skin. But: Your body shouldn't conform to clothing - That's why we have developed four different shades of nude to truly match your skin complexion: Porcelain, Sunkissed, Rich Tawny and Midnight. As our illusion mesh is very sheer and light, each skin tone caters to a variety of shades within their family. See our guide below to find your best match. 


Porcelain is our lightest skin tone complementing a light porcelain skin complexion. 

01 Porcelain-Hervé by Céline Marie


Sunkissed is our second lightest skin tone complementing a lightly tanned and sunkissed skin complexion. 


Rich Tawny is our second darkest skin tone complementing a medium dark / golden brown skin complexion.  


Midnight is our darkest skin tone complementing a very dark and rich cocoa skin complexion. 

02 Sunkissed-Hervé by Céline Marie
03 Rich Tawny-Hervé by Céline Marie
04 Midnight-Hervé by Céline Marie
Find Your Nude Guide - Hervé by Céline M

Still not sure which shade suits you best? 

Simply complete your checkout as usual and leave a note in the comment section provided. We will contact you right away and are able to send you a selection of fabric swatches to pick your true match.