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The Owner may modify or simply update the General Terms and Conditions of Use. The modifications and updates of the General Terms and Conditions of Use will be communicated to the Home Page users as soon as they have been made and will be binding from the moment of publishing on the website in the above-mentioned section. Access to and use of the site presuppose acceptance by the user of these Terms and Conditions of Use.


Access to and use of “”, including viewing the web pages, communication with the Owner, the possibility of downloading information regarding the products and the purchase of the same on the website, constitute activities undertaken by the user exclusively for personal use unconnected to any commercial, business or professional activity. The user is personally responsible for his use of “” and the relative contents. The Owner in fact cannot be held responsible for any unlawful use of the site and the contents by any of its users, notwithstanding responsibility for fraud and gross negligence. In particular, the user will be exclusively responsible for communicating incorrect or false information and data, or data regarding third parties who have not given their express consent, or incorrect use of the same. 

All material downloaded or otherwise obtained through use of the service is at the user's choice and risk; moreover all responsibility for any damage to computer systems or loss of data resulting from downloading fall to the user and the Owner will be indemnified. The Owner declines all responsibility for any damage arising from inaccessibility of the services on the site or any damage caused by virus, damaged files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, cancellations of the contents, problems connected to the network, to the providers or telephonic and/or telematic connections, unauthorised access, alteration of data, lost and/or faulty functioning of the electronic equipment of the user himself.


Please refer to our Privacy Policy, which is also applicable should the user access “” and use the relative services without purchase. Find our Privacy Policy here

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The contents of “”, for example all works, images, photos, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, documents, designs, figures, logos and all other material, in any format, published on “”, including the menus, web pages, graphics, colours, patterns, tools, characters and design of the website, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software that make up “”, are protected by copyright and by all other intellectual property rights of the Owner and other owners of the rights. All reproduction, in whole or in part, in any form, of “” of its contents, without prior written permission by the Owner is forbidden. The Owner has the exclusive right to authorise or forbid direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction, in any way or form, in whole or in part, of “” and its contents.

Regarding use of “”, the user is solely authorised to view the website and its contents and to exclusively carry out any temporary reproduction, free of economic profit, that is considered transitory or accessory, or an integral and essential part of viewing “” and their contents and all other navigation operations on the website that may only be carried out for a legitimate use of the afore-mentioned sites and their contents. The user is not authorised to reproduce, on any support form, in whole or in part, “” and their contents. Any reproduction must be, each time, authorised by the Owner or, if necessary, the authors of the individual works contained in the website. Said reproduction must in any case be carried out for lawful reasons and within respect of the copyright and the other intellectual property rights of the Owner and the authors of the individual works contained in the website. The authors of the individual works published on “” have the right, in any moment, to claim ownership of their works and to oppose any deformation, mutilation or other modification of the same works including any damage made to the works, which may prejudice their honour or reputation.

The user undertakes to respect the copyright of those who publish their works on “” or who collaborate in any way with “” in the creation of any expressive or artistic form destined for publication, even those not exclusively for the website or that do not form an integral part of it. Furthermore, the user is not, in any case, authorised to use, in any way or form, the contents of the website or any individual work protected by copyright or any other intellectual property right.


All other distinctive signs that countermark the products sold on “” and present on the website are registered trademarks of the respective owners and are used within “” with the sole aim to countermark, describe and advertise the products for sale.

The Owner and all other owners of registered trademarks have the right to make use of the trademarks in their respective ownership exclusive. Any unlawful or unauthorised use of said trademarks is prohibited and will be punished by law. It is forbidden to use said trademarks and every other distinctive sign found on “” for undue advantage of a distinctive character or the fame of these trademarks or in such a way as to cause prejudice to the same and their owners.

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The site “” contain hypertext links to other websites that are in way connected to “”. The Owner does not control or monitor said websites and their contents. The Owner cannot be held responsible for the contents of these sites and the rules adopted by them, even in regards to privacy and processing of the user's personal data during navigation. Moreover, the user is obliged to read the Terms and Conditions of Use and privacy regulations carefully. These General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy of “”, in fact, do not apply to websites managed by other subjects other than the Owner. “” supply links to other pages for the sole purpose of aiding their users' research and navigation and easing hypertext links on the Internet towards other sites. Activation of links does not entail any recommendation or signal by the Owner for access to and navigation in these websites, nor any guarantee regarding the contents, services or goods supplied by them and sold to Internet users.

Anyone interested in activating links to the Home page and other web pages of “” which can be accessed by the public, is required to contact the Owner at the following email address. The activation of links is allowed by the Owner to the applicant, free of charge and in a non-exclusive way, after inspecting the applicant's requirements. The Owner has the right to refuse the activation of direct links on his site in the event in which the applicant, wishing to activate links to “”, has, in the past, undertaken unfair commercial practices or practices that do not conform to the customs of the sector or rather unfair competition against the Owner, or should the Owner fear that such behaviour may be adopted in the future, or rather in the event that the applicant has adopted or may adopt in the future any action discrediting the Owner, his website or services. In any case, the activation of deep frames and deep links to “” is prohibited, as is the unauthorised use of meta-tags, without the Owner's permission.


The Owner has adopted all measures to prevent publication in the website of any contents that describe or represent scenes or situations of physical or psychological violence or anything that, according to the sensitivity of the users of “” may be considered harmful to civil convictions, human rights and dignity, in all its forms and expressions. In any case the Owner does not guarantee that the websites contents are appropriate or lawful in other countries, outside of the Netherlands. Moreover, should said contents be considered unlawful or illegal in some other countries, access to the “” website is not advised and should the user decide to enter despite this, any use he makes of the supplied services will be his exclusive and personal responsibility. Furthermore, the Owner has adopted every possible precaution in order to guarantee his customers that the contents of “” are accurate and do not contain incorrect or out of date information, with respect to their date of publication on the website and, as far as possible, also subsequently. Moreover the Owner does not accept any responsibility to the users for the accuracy and completeness of the contents published on “”, notwithstanding the responsibility for fraud and gross negligence and notwithstanding that otherwise provided for by law. The Owner, furthermore, cannot guarantee the users that the website works in continuation, without interruption and without error or malfunction caused by the Internet connection. Likewise, we advise you contact the Internet service provider or that you verify the correct activation of all systems for Internet connection and access to web contents, including the Internet browser. Though the Owner will do everything possible to ensure continual access to his website, the dynamic nature of the Internet and its contents may cause suspension, interruption or discontinuity in “” caused by the necessity to update the website. The Owner has adopted technical and organisational measures aimed at safeguarding the security of the services on “”, the integrity of the data regarding traffic and electronic communications in regards to unauthorised forms of use or knowledge as well as to avoid the risk of leaking, destruction and loss of data and information, both private and public, relating to their users, present on the “” websites or rather of unauthorised or unlawful access, or of the data and information itself.


The offer and sale of products on “” are regulated by the following General Conditions of Sale. The products purchased on “” are sold directly by Céline Marie.


These General Conditions of Sale exclusively control the offer, dispatch and acceptance of purchase orders of products on “” between users of the above-mentioned sites and the Vendor. The General Conditions of Sale do not control the supply of services or the sale of products by parties other than the Vendor present on “” via links, banners or other hypertext connection. It is the user’s responsibility to check the sales conditions before making orders and purchasing products and services from parties other than the Vendor. Céline Marie is not responsible for the supply of services from third parties other than the Vendor or for the conclusion of electronic commerce operations between the users of “” and third parties.

The Vendor uses the “” websites to offer products for sale and carry out its electronic commerce activities exclusively with their own final users as “consumers”, or rather any physical person not acting for their own commercial, entrepreneurial or professional ends. Moreover, the Vendor reserves the right to not carry out any orders coming from any parties other than the “consumer” or any orders that do not conform to their commercial policies.


Consumers who intend to place a purchase order of one or more products on “” must fill in the electronic order form and send it telematically to the Vendor following the relative instructions, in order to complete the purchase contract.

The order form contains a summary of the basic characteristics of each product ordered and the relative price (including all taxes applicable), of the accepted methods of payment and the delivery methods of the purchased products, of dispatch and delivery costs, of the conditions for the right to return and the terms for return of the purchased products.

Before proceeding with the purchase by transmitting the order form, the consumer is required to read the General Conditions of Sale and Right to Return Information Report carefully; the user can also print, save or reproduce a copy for personal use. Before transmitting the order form, the consumer can identify and correct any errors in the data entered. By sending the order form the consumer declares to have understood and accepted the contents of the same, as well as the General Conditions of Sale and Use, the Privacy Policy and the Right to Return regulations. Any failure to fully accept said contents will result in the order being cancelled.

The prices of the products may be subject to revision. The consumer is obliged to check the final price of each product before sending the relative order form. The contract is then concluded when the Vendor receives the order form, and has checked that the data relating to the order is correct. Once the contract has been concluded, the Vendor will process the purchase order.

The order form will be archived at the Vendor’s data base for the period of time necessary for carrying out the orders and in any case within the terms provided for by law. 

The Vendor reserves the right to ignore any purchase orders that are incomplete or incorrect, whose solvability is not sufficiently guaranteed or if the products are not available. In these cases, the Vendor will send the consumer an email informing him that the contract is not concluded and that the Vendor has not carried out the purchase order, explaining the reasons. Should the products presented on “” no longer be available or on sale at the moment of the most recent access to the site or when the order form is sent, it is down to the Vendor to communicate said unavailability of the products ordered to the consumer, in a timely fashion and in any case within ten (10) days from the day after the order was sent to the Vendor. Should the order have been sent and payment made, the Vendor will undertake to refund the relative amount, without obligation for any kind of compensation.

Once the contract is concluded, the Vendor will send the consumer a receipt for the purchase order via email, including the information already contained in the order form (the information relating to the product’s basic characteristics and the detailed price, payment methods, right to return and delivery costs).


Only authentic products are offered for sale on “”.

Céline Marie does not sell in-stock products. Each garment purchased at “” is made to order based on the size chosen or measurements provided during a bespoke request.

The basic characteristics of the products presented on “” are available in the detailed summary of each product. However, the images and colours of the products on sale may vary to the real ones due to the Internet browser and monitor used.


Payment methods for the products purchased and the relative dispatch and delivery fees are indicated in the order form and make up an integral part of these Conditions of Sale.

Should payment be made by credit card, the financial information (for example, the credit/debit card number or expiry date) will be cryptographically forwarded to PAYPAL or other banks who supply the relative remote electronic payment services, without third parties being able to access said information in any way. Furthermore, said information will not be used by the Vendor except for completing the procedures relating to the purchase for which they have been given and to issue the relative refund should the products be returned – following the execution of the right to return – or should it be necessary to prevent or inform the police of fraud on “”. The amount for the purchase of the products and the delivery fees, as indicated in the order form, will be debited at the moment of purchase.


We ship your items using Post NL with a fully insured and trackable service. We deliver worldwide but truly apologise that geographical location and carrier availability can restrict our service. Please note that we reserve the right not to deliver an order if we believe the address is not secure, for example to a communal postal address or PO Box. If this affects your order, we will notify you as soon as possible as your order may has not been successfully completed. To ensure that there are no mistakes with your delivery address, please double check whether the order confirmation contains the correct details. For further information about delivery times to your country, please read our Delivery Policy. 


As all our creations are hand crafted upon order, customized to match your skin complexion or created to our client's measurements, we hope you understand that we cannot accept returns under any circumstances. Please ensure you provide the correct measurements when requesting your made-to-measure garments and select the right size for you based on our size guide. For help to measure yourself correctly and to pick the correct size from our core size chart, visit our Size Guide here. Thank you for understanding.

We carefully review each order before it is dispatched to our customers. However, if the product received is not identical to your order, appears to have any damages or seems to have undergone any damage in transition, please contact us immediately within 5 days of receipt. Kindly provide us with further details about what exactly went wrong including any photographs to help us understand. You can email us at We will carefully review your request and advise you on the next steps and return address. 

In order to return any damaged items, simply place them back inside the original packaging and garment box and ensure that your order number, name and address are clearly stated on or within the parcel. To consider the environment, you do not need to print any return form. Please provide us with proof of postage after we approved your request. We highly recommend to return any goods using track & trace service as you will be responsible for any loss or damage occurred through the postal service. 


The Consumer may obtain information regarding the processing of personal data by accessing the Privacy Policy. The General Conditions of Use, furthermore, contain important information on the processing of personal data of the users and on the security measures adopted. For further information about our Privacy Policy, please see our Privacy Policy here. 


The General Conditions of Sale may be modified, also in consideration of any changes in the law. The new General Conditions of Sale will have effect from the date of publication on the site.


If you have any further questions about any of your products, orders or other, you can contact our customer service 24/7 via email at

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