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30 Sustainable Daily Habits: Get inspired by our latest Give Away

I know you are here because you are ready to change the world for the better.

As part of my second anniversary Give Away in July, I asked everyone to share their very own sustainably daily habits for a more mindful way of living. The volume of responses was truly overwhelming and inspiring. Our sustainable actions deeply depend on the lifestyle we are accustomed to living and the environment we are exposed to.

Whether it is food related, concerning our consumption habits or about supporting your local community, you are only one decision away from reducing your footprint on our planet. Find a variety of mindful actions below which you can easily implement into your daily routine.

Shop Consciously:

  • Upcycle, repair or repurpose old clothing

  • Avoid supporting fast fashion brands providing seasonal low quality garments, often manufactured in inhumane conditions

  • Focus on buying less and opt for high quality and well made garments that are made to last

  • Buy second hand, swap or support small businesses

  • Deny over packaged products and go plastic-free wherever possible

  • Favor natural, organic or recycled materials

Live Sustainably:

  • Use gentle soaps and air drying for minimal impact on our garments

  • Cut down on wash cycles by using a home made refreshing spray, e.g. made of water, vodka, rose/ orange blossom

  • Replace makeup wipes with washable fabric cloths made from old clothing or excess fabric

  • Buy groceries in small quantities to avoid food waste and over purchasing

  • Opt for refillable packaging and containers wherever possible, e.g. soaps, dish washing liquid, shampoo

  • Repurpose jars and glass containers, e.g. for planting, food storage

  • Use bamboo cotton buds, floss and toothbrushes instead of cheap plastic options

  • Turn off lights immediately when leaving the room and cut down on unnecessary lighting during the night

  • Avoid using an air conditioning unit to cut down energy usage and emissions

  • Go self-sufficient by supplying your own energy, water, sewer needs and food sources

  • Grow flowers, trees and plants outdoors to increase our flora

  • Compost your own kitchen waste to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers

Eat Mindfully:

  • Support local farms in your area

  • Reduce or eliminate animal products from your diet

  • Buy ethical meats and dairy from a certified source

  • Use vegetable and meat left overs to cook sauté and stock

  • Cook with local ingredients and non-transformed foods

  • Grow your own vegetables and fruits

Travel Eco-Friendly:

  • Walk, bike, skate or jog wherever possible, especially for short distances

  • Choose public transport over taking the car

  • Avoid driving in your car alone and set up a carpool

  • Invest in a smart card for public transport instead of using single paper tickets

  • Opt for electronic receipts instead of paper print outs

  • Use a reusable water or drink bottle to avoid plastic bottles and paper cups

If you are feeling overwhelmed where to begin, take a look around you and start at your surroundings. The reward of adding just one habit a day or week will quickly evolve into a lifestyle you never wish to give up again. Every action is a step towards preserving and restoring our planet’s health, one daily habit at a time.

If you would like to know more about the sustainable foundation of HERVÉ, visit our Sustainability section to learn more about the actions we take and organizations we support.

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