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Let the Stars Guide You: A Zodiac Lingerie Guide

One’s zodiac sign can reveal an invaluable insight into their personality, preferences and taste. Every sign radiates a unique energy and desire that should be celebrated in a way true to their nature. Our curated horoscope guide below offers the ideal cosmic lingerie match for all of the 12 zodiac signs. Find out which creation underlines your personality the best….

ARIES March 21 ~ April 19

Bold and ambitious, the Aries is a dynamic fire sign. The ORUNÉE high leg body combines its traits in form of statement corded lace and 24k gold hardware detailing matching the confident and courageous nature of the Aries.

TAURUS April 20 ~ May 20

Like their celestial spirit animal, the Taurus is a serene and lavish earth sign. The TYCHON long sleeve bodysuit is the ideal garment to match their alluring energy and lust for indulging themselves in luxury.

GEMINI May 21 ~ June 20

Spontaneous and playful in nature, the Gemini is driven by its insatiably curiosity symbolised by its celestial twins. What better match to choose than the versatile SYNTOSIS set that offers endless styling possibilities to match their mood.

CANCER June 21 ~ July 22

Highly intuitive and emotional, the Cancer cherishes affection and romance once trust is established. The CHRYSÉE set combines bold contrasting velvet elastics representing the zodiac signs boundaries, combined with soft golden hues matching their soft side.

LEO July 23 ~ August 22

Known to be infamously passionate and dramatic, the Leo is the queen of the celestial jungle. The AMMALIE bodysuit matches their theatrical and fiery nature to the core and is sure to highlight their vital desire for the spot light.

VIRGO August 23 ~ September 22

Known for their perfectionist personality, the Virgo is driven by their logical and systematic approach to life. By combining a sophisticated look and pure comfort, the CKOU bralette and thong are the ideal match to tick the Virgos boxes.

LIBRA September 23 ~ October 22

The cardinal air sign of the Libra cherishes harmony and balance. The ADÉLIE wired lingerie ensemble carries an evocative balance between delicate laces and comfort. A soft and refined set that goes hand in hand with the Libras calming personality.

SCROPIO October 23 ~ November 21

Passionate and mysterious, the Scorpio is one of the most dynamic and emotionally fuelled zodiac signs. Its personality will be perfectly underlined with the VÉRÈNE and ANNECY harness accessories, rich in line work and statement hardware for a deeply intriguing look

SAGITTARIUS November 22 ~ December 21

Highly intellectual and spiritual in nature, the Sagittarius fire sign is known to be loyal and adventurous. The ALCYONE bodysuit was made for this sophisticated sign, combining intriguing layering details of multicoloured laces drawing the eye to explore its intricate details and depths.

CAPRICORN December 22 ~ January 20

Driven by its unstoppable perseverance, dedication and patience, the mythological star sign Capricorn values time over everything. The show stopping ILUCIA bodysuit is a creation of elaborate workmanship and patience. It is fully covered in carefully applied floral lace patterns and perfectly embodies the Capricorns ambitious and detail driven nature.

AQUARIUS January 21 ~ February 18

Fearlessly revolutionary and innovative, the Aquarius is represented by a mystical healer deeply caring for our planet. The CHIMEIRA bodysuit perfectly underlines the signs ethereal sophistication through the soft arrangements of mirrored lace on an illusion base. It creates a striking silhouette whilst radiating a soft aura matching the zodiac signs energy.

PISCES February 19 ~ March 20

Known to be the most empathetic and sensitive star sign, the Pisces is constantly balancing between fantasy and reality. The RAËL bralette set is a perfect match for this easygoing water sign, combining comfort, softness and effortless sophistication.

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