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Lingerie Terms Explained: A Basic Glossary of Women's Lingerie Styles

Navigating the world of women's intimates can be a real challenge, especially for men. The choices of styles are simply overwhelming. Gain confidence instantly and learn about the basics of women's lingerie terminology below.

All Things Bras:


A bralette is a wired bra’s little sister. It is a soft, unpadded version of a bra that has no underwire or structured cups, and usually is sized XXS – XXL. Bralettes are often made from sheer mesh or lace, as well as non-sheer silks or cotton blends.

Wired Bra

A ‘wired’ or ‘underwired’ bra features a thin, semi-circular metal wire fitted inside the fabric for extra support and closer contouring of the breasts. Traditionally, bra sizes are expressed as a combination of the under band length and cup size, e.g. 70D/ 30D. However, niche brands often create their own individual sizing system.

High Apex Bra or Bralette

The apex refers to the part of the bra where the straps join the cup. A high apex simply refers to a higher cut, more triangular shaped cup, flattering for both smaller and larger sizes as it provides comfort and support.

Halter Neck/ Halter Strap

The term ‘halter’ refers to the way the straps continue towards the back. A halter bralette or bra closes its straps just behind the neck rather than continuing down the entire back. It allows a bra to be backless, ideal if worn under a backless or low cut dress to maintain a clean look.

Triangle Bralette

A trigonal bralette is a soft piece of brasserie with two non-wired, triangle shaped cups, usually connected with a piece of elastic along the under band.

All Things Briefs:

Thong / String

A thong or string is one of the least covering and cheeky brief styles and a popular choice for everyday underwear. It features just a small triangle or narrow piece of fabric on the back, it is the definition of ‘absolutely no more than necessary’.

Brasilian Brief / Brazilian Brief

A brasilian brief offers a little more coverage on the back whilst still maintaining a cheeky look. The provide the perfect coverage somewhere between a thong and a more modest bikini bottom.

High Leg Line

As the name suggests, the briefs are cut higher on the leg line than traditional briefs, especially noticeable on the sides. High leg thongs or brazilian briefs create a flattering elongated body shape and hug the curves beautifully.

High Waist

High waisted briefs extend up to the waist, navel or beyond and have a smoothening effect on the soft tissue near the stomach and hip area. They are particularly popular as shape wear options and for anyone who loves a little more support in the lower stomach area.


The French term ‘ouvert’ translates to ‘open’ and refers to any brief style with an open rear and no coverage in the crotch area. A popular choice for the boudoir with no limit for your fantasies.

All Things Accessories:

Suspender / Garter Belt

A suspender or garter belt is used to hold up stockings. They are usually fastened around the hip or waist, or can be attached to the briefs directly. It features several clips that attach to the stocking edge, keeping them up on the thigh.

Bodysuit / Body

A bodysuit is a form fitting one-piece, combining both bra and brief into a single garment, similar to a swimsuit. They are commonly made from stretchy sheer materials in combination with lace and strapping. Bodysuits can come in all types of coverages, from less covering cheeky styles with plunging necklines to sleeved options with high neck features, and many more.

Waist Corset / Waspie

A waist corset or waspie is a smaller version of a traditional corset covering only the waist area of the body, it stops underneath the bust, featuring no cups. Waspies are a popular choice to create a flattering hourglass silhouette. They can be worn with lingerie or on top of clothing as a styling element.

Thigh Garter

A garter on the other hand is a circular strap worn directly on the upper thighs, sold as pairs or singles. They often feature additional hardware like rings to attach clips or other boudoir accessories, or suspender clips to attach to stockings. They traditionally were seen at weddings but evolved to a popular boudoir accessory.


A harness refers to any body accessories entirely made from straps. They are a popular layering accessory or can be worn on their own. Harnesses exist for any section of the body, whether contouring the breasts, as a suspender with clips or a full body harness.

Choker / Collar

A choker or collar accessory is a decorative piece of elastic worn around the neck. It often features decorative elements such as statement hardware or appliqué motifs. They can be worn to complete a lingerie look or simply to add a kinky touch to an outerwear look.

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