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Nude for All - Inclusive Mesh Colors Dyed by Hand

Before launching my debut collection and online boutique, I have been on an endless search to find a high quality illusion mesh fabric in a variety of skin tones to cater to every woman’s complexion. The fabric qualities available were either available in shades not representative to true skin tones, nor sheer enough or simply had the wrong properties overall. Eventually, I took things into my own hands and decided to create my own range of nude tones as the market and industry simply didn’t seem to offer the right options that allowed all women of any color to wear lingerie that plays on a true ‘tattoo illusion’ effect.

Left to Right: 01 Porcelain, 02 Sunkissed, 03 Rich Tawny, 04 Midnight

With the help of numerous women who offered to test my mesh shades, I was able to refine my color sortiment and adjust each shade based on the feedback I received. I was quickly able to develop 4x shades of nude, with each shade catering to an array of women within their complexion as the mesh used is a lit more delicate and sheer than conventional mesh fabrics.

Choosing your true skin tone mesh color is now a default option for any lingerie item in our online boutique that plays on the barely-there look and I am truly proud to be amongst the pioneers to contribute towards a more inclusive offer within luxury lingerie by offering a true skin tone match.

To learn more about the mesh shades we currently offer, visit our Find Your Nude guide.


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