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Personality Check ~ A Men’s Guide to picking the right Lingerie Set for Her

Not sure which lingerie style or color suits her the best? Our style guide below has you covered with a simple personality check. Discover our suggestions below on which set is the perfect gift for your loved one, your crush or partner in crime based on her character traits and personality. Whether she is flirty and feminine, daring and adventurous, reserved and thoughtful, youthful and intuitive or stylish and extravagant, you know her best...

FLIRTY & FEMININE ~ with a playful touch

The timeless AMMALIE bodysuit and PHELEA wired lingerie set are the perfect gift for your flirty partner. The elegant and seductive application of lace highlights the beauty of the female form while softly contouring the body in a subtle way. Whereas the golden AMMALIE bodysuit is the cheekier and more adventurous piece, it is a true show stopper sure to elevate your partners confidence. The PHELEA set with a more traditional shape is the flawless modern hybrid of classic and modern lingerie with a playful edge.

DARING & ADVENTUROUS ~ with a provocative edge

The bold and provocative ALCYONE bodysuit and most loved SYNTOSIS lingerie set are for the non-conformist thrill seeker. The seductive layering of floral laces is an ideal match for a confident outgoing individual who loves to wear her lingerie as outerwear. The ALCYONE high leg bodysuit merges contrasting rose gold and black lace and presents itself as an ideal layering item with a low exposed back. The SYNTOSIS illusion pieces effortlessly frames the body while adding an alternative edge to a classic lingerie with tattoo-like details. To elevate any look from the collection, add the ESKARA thigh garter accessory to elevate the look with a bondage twist.

RESERVED & THOUGHTFUL ~ with a mindful way of thinking

The soft and chic styling of the ADÉLIE wired set and CKOU lounge set are the ideal gift for an earnest self-assured partner. The soft lounge feel of ultra-sheer mesh combined with the indulgent construction of the garments provide a comfortable addition to your partner’s wardrobe. The ADÉLIE bra and brief imitate the serene nature of your partner while supporting a fuller bust size. The CKOU set provides a level of sensuality to everyday lingerie with soft construction and luxurious finishes ideal for the detail orientated partner who appreciates little details.

YOUTHFUL & INTUITIVE ~ with a dynamic flow of energy

The sleek and contemporary CHRYSÉ range and ILUCIA bodysuit emulate the centred serene temperament of your partner. The CHRYSÉ illusion bra and tanga string emphasise all facets of your partners personality through its rather unexpected combination of materials and colors. Whereas CHRYSÉ combines opulent golden lace detailing with a contrasting and bold velvet framework, ILUCIA highlights the female curves through the opulent layering of the finest black French laces. It’s lower cut leg line smoothens the bodily curves and create the perfect foundation for the confident woman.

STYLISH & EXTRAVAGANT ~ with confident sense of self expression

The ORUNÉE bodysuit and ALCYONE lingerie ensemble are for the bold idealist individuals who are not afraid to be the centre of attention. The ORUNÉE bodysuit radiates confidence through the contrasting golden metallic lace on a seductive sheer black mesh. The high neck design features a low cut back to create the perfect balance of cheeky coverage. The ALCYONE collection is fitting for your glamourous partner with its ornate contrasting lace and golden crystal accents. These two looks, although feminine and extravagant, offer a seductive edge to your partners wardrobe and will offer a new way of expressing their sensuality.

If you still feel like you need extra advice, feel free to contact the designer Céline Marie directly via e-mail to find the perfect lingerie gift for your special someone.


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