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Realities of being an independent Lingerie Maker: Elastics

Did you know that, on average, the minimum order quantity for a high-quality lingerie elastic in one color is 2,000 meters?

Now let’s break it down. Our PHELEA bra uses a total number of five different elastic qualities and trims to ensure fit and functionality of the garment. So in order to introduce this style in one color - that’s right, we are talking about a single color way here - my initial investment requires me to purchase a minimum of 10,000 meters of elastics. The challenge with pre-purchasing and storing large quantities of elastics is that, especially if stored incorrectly, the elastane slowly deteriorates. It irreversibly becomes brittle and gradually looses its elasticity with no known way to revitalize it.

You may be wondering: why doesn’t she purchase her elastics from the countless trim and haberdashery stores available?

For starters, lingerie elastics are very specific in the way they are constructed and the purpose they will be used for. Depending on where the elastic sits on your body, different elastic strengths, called moduli, are required to give the most appropriate support, even if the finished look across all garments is identical. For example: Your velvet bra straps will require to be a lot stronger as they carry the weight of your breasts, whereas a decorative velvet strap on your brief requires to be very soft in order to not cut into the soft areas of your skin. Even though both have an identical finished look, they are entirely different qualities.

Further, my creations use a universal soft velour finish which is rather rare, especially if required in so many different moduli, widths and types of elastics. And let’s not forget the sustainable aspect. My additional challenge was to find a high quality lingerie elastic supplier who manufactures on fair and environmentally friendly terms, as well as is located in nearest proximity to reduce our carbon footprint to the minimum. We are proud to work with a French specialist manufacturer now that meets our values and caters to our capacities.

If you would like to learn more about our sustainability guidelines and actions, visit our Sustainability section and learn how you can make a difference.



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