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SYMBIOTICY explores the symbiotic relationship between the female form and natural morphosis. The collection is an appreciation of natures imperfections, employing the human body as a catalyst to bring its organic growth patterns to life in a new manner.


Layered French leavers laces paired with an ultra sheer layer of mesh create an illusionary play with depth, capturing the breath of uncertainty and the sense of mysticism defining our present era. It portrays an escape into a mirage, unifying the borders between our skin and a single flower.


SYMBIOTICY is not only a symbolization of mindfulness, a reminder of resourcefulness and an embrace of re-connecting with our earth, but deeply rooted within the origin of our very own nature.  

ADÉLIE Brasilian Brief

  • The ADÉLIE cheeky brasilian brief is finely handcrafted from ultra-sheer illusion mesh flawlessly blending into the skin, framed with velvet elastics. The intricate appliqué has been created by French leavers lace, hand-cut and finely stitched onto the base. Our unique use of the lace scallop creates the illusion to continue seamlessly around the body, with flowers blending into each other. Adjustable strapping elongates the figure and ties back together with our full ADÉLIE range. Eco-friendly bamboo cotton gusset. 



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