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AIMÉE ~ she is a mirror of your inner light. She cannot be predicted or explained with the rational mind. Unrestricted by any social norms, she follows the guidance of her own heart. She immersed herself in the depths of her inner darkness only to be met with a light that revealed her flaws to be her greatest strengths. And suddenly she realized, she is the light.


There is no one way to be a woman ~ the divine feminine comes in so many different forms and all are equally magical.

AIMÉE Cheeky Brasilian Brief

  • The AIMÉE high leg brasilian brief is finely handcrafted from ultra-sheer mesh and the finest rosé gold French leavers lace, hand-cut and uniquely placed on each garment. The intricate lace scallop is seamlessly merged and creates a beautiful derrière. Adorned with golden crystals and optional detachable golden chains for a jewellery-like touch. 


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