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ARMORICA takes you on a journey of finding inner harmony and moving with restored balance. The collection was inspired by a deeply personal craving for inner re-connection. It is a visual manifestation honoring the designers French heritage which is rooted in the region of Brittany, formerly known as ‘Ar[e]morica’.


As we live in a world that is gloriously teeming with external impressions and distractions, we easily find ourselves in a state of not being aligned with the present moment, and the times we live in complicate our ability to focus this energy. ARMORICA is a reminder that we all carry the capacity of looking deeply within by practicing the art of mindfulness: the ability to restore our inner balance by focusing our consciousness on the present at any given time.

EMARA Wired Longline Bra

  • The EMARA wired long line bra is finely handcrafted from ultra-sheer illusion mesh flawlessly blending into the skin, framed with velvet touch elastics. The intricate lace appliqué has been made from finest French leavers lace. The delicate lace edge creates a flattering long line effect. All velvet and rouleaux strapping is fully adjustable to create your own fit. The low-gauge mono wire features a flexible centre to naturally curve around the body, creating a barely-there feel. 


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